Artec Gig Tank GCS-1 Custom Single Coil Strat Bridge Pickup


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Many single coil pickup users tend to replace bridge pickup to get hotter and heavier guitar tone following the overall music trend. GCS-1 is created for hotter sound than Vintage Single pickup series. It has more sustain, full range of tone shape, and balanced high output. This pickup still has vintage color tone with stable balance on the neck and bridge positions. Each characteristic pickup offers various styles of sounds. This GCS-1 pickup set has versatile tonality and single preferring guitar players‘ popular sound. Here is the general tone guidance about GCS-1 set. General tone guidance: Chunky crunch blues sound (GCS-1 neck pickup), sensitive pure clean sound (2 and 4 pickup selector positions on the GCS-1 with S-S-S set, hum-cancelling operation with Reverse Wounded middle pickup), gorgeous midrange and balanced clear sound (GCS-1 Middle pickup, RWRP – Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity), Fat, rich, and powerful high output, with more sustains (GCS-1 Bridge pickup). For these reasons, different wire gauges are used in GCS-1 set. Each neck and middle pickup is wound with special #42 gauge formvar coil to add more rich and powerful vintage sound. GCS-1 bridge pickup is wound with #43 gauge formvar to get thick and full midrange of tone shape. Each pickup coil turns is measured by customized and computerized coil winder for accurate resistance and tension. Alnico 5 magnet, slightly bevelled pole- piece, black fibre bobbin, cloth wire are used to get custom sound with authentic vintage tone. Each different staggered pole piece height can make you feel the delicacy of each string sound movement with your own picking attack.