Artec Gig Tank GCS-2 Custom Single Coil Strat Bridge Pickup


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The GCS-2 is all about authentic mid to late 1960s tone! Enamel coated wire was used during this period and offered a different sound. With a powerful mid-range and a fat thick tone, the pick-up offer the classic tone with plenty of volume and great sustain.
Built with Alnico 5 magnets, black fibre bobbin, #42 enamel coated wire and cloth wire leads just like the original. Staggered pole pieces all have a slight bevel. The pick-ups are wax potted in a special ratio of bees and paraffin to eliminate microphonics. This is performed in a vacuum environment and at a specific termperature. Winding is performed on computer control machine to ensure the exact # of turns and DC resistance.
If you don’t want the added juice of the GCS-1 and looking for more of classic ’60s vintage tone, the GCS-2 gives you boutique quality tone at a fraction of the price! From a dark warm thick tone to a powerful mid-range and even a nice bit of crunch, the GCS-2 are your pick-ups of choice.