Artec Giovanni GVS-1 Vintage Alnico Single Coil Middle (reverse Wound) Pick-up


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The GVS–1 has been researched & reproduced for that late 50′s / early 60′s vintage sound. This pickup has more coil winds to increase clear tone shape, presence and glassy sound. Staggered height Alnico 5 magnet with 60′s slightly bevelled pole pieces, wound with special gauge heavy formvar wire, black fibre bobbins and cloth wire are used to get that bell like tone and more presence.
Wax potted with a specific ratio of paraffin and bees wax to eliminate microphonic noise. Complete with screws & springs

The GVS – 1 neck position is 6.0k resistance

The GVS – 1 middle postion is 6.3k resistance (RW-RP)

The GVS – 1 bridge postion is 6.9k resistance.