Boss DM-100 Analogue Delay Machine, Vintage 1980’s Japanese Made

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A great sounding and very rarely seen vintage Boss DM-100 Analogue Delay Machine, made in Japan in the first half of the 1980’s. The DM-100 was Roland’s answer to the tape-type Copycat or the Binson Echo Machines. this was also one of the first Analogue (bucket brigade) delays.It also makes use of Roland’s F.C.F (Frequency Controlled Filter) to produce its delay sound. The F.C.F gradually rolls off higher frequencies as the delay time increases. With the mode switch the user can choose whether to use the Delay Machine as a delay or chorus. The intensity of the chorus is adjusted with a control on the back and the effect can be turned on or off with a foot switch. It features Repeat Rate, Intensity, Echo Volume, Mode Select Switch (Echo/Chorus), Input Volume, Input Level Select Switch and Chorus Intensity (back panel) controls, effect and direct output and has a delay time of 20mS up to 400mS. Great warm sounding tape-type delays, perfect for creating a massive sound and an authentic 1980’s sound. Rare and very collectable!
Second hand in very good, perfectly working condition. Has a couple of very minor marks to the chassis but nothing substantial or that affects any usage of the equipment.