Electro Harmonix Cathedral Deluxe Reverb Effects Pedal


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Electro Harmonix Cathedral Deluxe reverb effects pedal. From the Holy Grail to the Holiest Grail, Electro-Harmonix have always produced some of the finest reverb pedals you could buy. Now, the new Cathedral Programmable Stereo Reverb ups the ante and is set to become yet another classic Electro-Harmonix reverb pedal. With the Cathedral, you’ll surround your music with the aria of divine presence. True stereo reverbs reveal your inspirations while programmability recalls your spirit of creation. It features a 24 bit AD and DA converter, true stereo inputs and outputs, 8 programmable reverb styles with the ability to load and save, tap tempo to set pre-delay time up to 2 seconds, feedback control for pre-delay section, damping/ tone control available for each reverb mode and a hold tap tempo for infinite reverb.