Franz Juhling German Made Parlour Guitar Circa:1900’s

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This is a superb antique German built Parlour Guitar from the late 19th/ early 20th century made by Franz Juhling of Dresden. Franz Juhling was born 1838 and worked between 1880 to1906 in Dresden, Germany. Associated with Richler until 1884, they were known for very good commercial work manufactured in large numbers. Gold medals were awarded in Paris and Brussels. They also made lutes and strings. This solid wood guitar looks to be made of possibly spruce top with rosewood back and sides with great rosette work around the edge of the body and around the sound hole. The neck could possibly be mahogany. Plays and sounds wonderful with a nice, full bodied tone.

Commission sale in good condition considering its age. Has had the bridge replaced at some point with a hand made mahogany one and the bridge pins are modern. The rest of the hardware appears to be original. Has a fair amount of scratches, grooves and wear to it, especially the front of the body, and a very small hole next to the bridge. The back looks to have been re-polished at some point too, though still has a fair amount of scratches visible. Comes with a non-original well padded heavy duty Podcase. Please contact us if you have any questions or require more information or photographs before purchasing this item.