Laney AudioHub Freestyle Amplifier, Battery or Mains Power


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The Laney AudioHub Freestyle is a 5 watt amplifier that is lightweight and compact but still manages to house 3 channels, channel 1 is a mic/line input, channel 2 is a stereo line input and channel 3 is a line/instrument input, this allows this amp to be incredibly versatile. These 3 channels make the AH FREESTYLE ideal for everything from keyboards and guitars to vocals and electronic drum kits and all the sound is produced projected clearly and at a high quality thanks to its 8″ custom driver.

Laney’s AudioHub Freestyle is incredibly durable thanks to its solid construction, hard wearing vinyl covering and metal front grille all of which will help protect this amp when being transported or used outside. The AH Freestyle provides a feeling of total freedom as it runs from either a wall mounted mains adaptor (PSU supplied) or from batteries in the back compartment. It¬†also features on-board delay with Time and Feedback controls, and an FX send switch on each channel.