Marshall 425A Vintage Modern 4×12″ Cabinet

£389.99 £249.99


A great Marshall 425A Vintage Modern 4×12″ mono/stereo switchable angled 100 watt cabinet. This classic looking Marshall cab features the new G12C 25 watt Celestion Greenback speakers which were specifically developed for the Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix Super 100JH stack. Voiced to give that rich and balanced harmonic timbre, they complement the vintage tone of the Vintage Modern Series perfectly. This runs at 100 watts mono or 50 watts per side in stereo, it has a mono impedance of 16 ohms/4 ohms and a stereo impedance of 8 ohms. Fantastic, nicely rounded tone that complements any head that runs through it!

Second hand in good, perfectly working condition. Has a few light marks in the tolex but nothing substantial and one small tear in the grill cloth.