ProCo Rat Solo Pedal

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The ProCo Rat Solo distortion pedal is an asymmetrical clipping distortion pedal with scoop control and analogue circuitry.The ProCo Rat Solo is something new and revolutionary. Housed in the Rat type super structure the Solo is built to withstand the most demanding rigors of the road. It features the standard “distortion”, “filter”, and “volume” knobs of the other distortion pedals in the Rat line, but all similarities end there. Two of the most notable changes are the inclusion of Asymmetrical Clipping and scoop functions. The Asymmetrical Clipping function gives three switchable selectable levels that allow you to adapt your sound from a low wattage vintage tube amp effect, to a modern high wattage, high gain head unit.
The Scoop control allows you to select the amount of mid range frequencies that you would like to remove. Used in concert with the tone control, you have an extremely wide and diverse tonal pallet from which to choose. It is much like having the mid range control of a parametric equalizer at your fingertips. The Rat Solo has a nearly indestructible steel housing with a “no tools” battery compartment. An LED indicates on/off status. Powered by 9V battery, or a special jack accommodates the RPS-1 power supply (optional).