Trifibre Fender 2×12″ Custom Flight Case With Castors, UK Made

£139.99 £99.99


A superb and ridiculously solidly built Trifibre Fender 212 custom made flight case, made in the UK. This flight case will fit a Fender 2 x 12″ Frontman 212R or equivalent sized combo amplifier. This features heavy duty 9mm hexaboard construction birch phenol coated plywood, steel fittings and internal foam padding making them ready for the rough and tumble of gigging and touring. The shallow base design allows you to use your amp/cab whilst sat in the base of the case with the lid lifted off.It has recessed padlockable butterfly catches, internal padding lid top, base and in corners to protect unit in transit, 4 x 100mm Castors (2 x braked) and 2 x Recessed Steel carry handles. Very rugged but still light weight, perfect for a gigging musician to protect their gear from the trauma of the road!
Second hand in excellent, perfectly working condition.