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At Live Music we are always interested in quality second hand, vintage and unusual musical equipment.


There are various options when selling to, or upgrading at, Live Music:

1) Selling Directly –
If you want to sell your gear quickly we buy at a competitive rate in-store.

2) Part-Exchange –
Use your gear as part-payment against other equipment. You will receive a higher price than our trade buy in rate; then pay the outstanding balance.

3) Commission-Sale –
Let us sell your gear for you on-commission. This can take a little longer but guarantees you the best price Live Music can get for you.

How do commission sales work?
We take your gear (Guitar, Bass, Amp Etc) appraise it and agree a fair selling price with you.
We take into account [the equipment] age, condition and the price of any current equipment; if applicable.

We ask that your equipment is in shop-displayable condition; Guitars + Basses must be clean, have new strings and be set-up to playable standard. Amplifiers and effects must be clean and fully working.

We can provide a professional set-up and re-string should you require it. The standard cost being £18 per half hour labour + price of strings (From £4.99 upwards), payable in advance.

We will then display your gear in the shop and on the Live Music website.

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